About Pixellus

a specialist company within digital imaging – and an employer for people with Asperger syndrome.

The “Film Specialists” (in Norwegian: “Filmspesialistene”) has been the project name for the company Pixellus – aimed at creating meaningful work for people with Asperger syndrome. We want to build a business where people with Asperger or high-functioning autism are allowed to do what they are extremely good at. The business idea is to create a specialist company within digitization, editing and restoration of customers’ unique and irreplaceable collections of images. The work is repetitive, while at the same time requiring an ability to “see” a holistic view of required changes to improve an image, e.g. with regards to contrast, light and shade, hue and dust removal. This is exactly the type of work that requires the kind of dedication, systematic approach and focus on details that people with such diagnosis possess.

We went from project phase to early production phase in September 2011.

The logo’s quite unique X is linked to the extraordinary – in business concept, people and expertise.  Also, the X symbolizes the human and inclusive, while the orange color stands for innovation and courage – a desire and a willingness to think outside the box .

A market survey indicates a clear need for services in this area:


  • Exploits the strengths in people with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism, and within another area than software testing.
  • Is not a company that ”produces” jobs for public authorities, but rather delivers highly valuable services to demanding customers in an external market
  • Addresses the problem of (mis-)using disability benefits for a group of young people who are often motivated to work and who might have been in paid work given the proper facilitation.

The company Specialisterne in Denmark has been an important source of inspiration.

I you have any ideas to share, please contact me!

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  3. Elisabeth says:

    Though in a different sector than Pixellus, I just visited here: http://www.ieseinsight.com/doc.aspx?id=984&ar=3 and La Fageda has managed to build a very successful business despite (or maybe because) of its employees. The employees are mentally challenged and quite a few has aspergers. :)
    Good luck with your work!

  4. Christian Wig says:

    Thank you for your comment! La Fagada is an interesting story. While they work in a quite different area and their employees (at least most of them) have different diagnoses, I think a shared theme is to identify and utilize the key strengths of the employees. I feel quite certain that we will succeed in using dedication and focus on details as key factors creating a competitive edge for Pixellus.

  5. Eirik Øra says:

    Hi Christian,

    My parents are considering getting their old pictures scanned for viewing at the old people home :). When are you planning on opening the doors? Do you need a pilot customer? :)

    Best regards,

  6. Christian Wig says:


    We stick to 1st of September, which has been our planned ‘operational date’ since autumn of 2010. Pilot production with recruitment candidates is the key task on the critical path to reach this date. Two candidates went through such pilot production in June, and another two are scheduled for mid August.

    You and your parents are most welcome as early stage customers!


  7. Brett says:

    Your company is so amazing and such a benefit towards people with ASD. Thank you for being a visionary and believing in others abilities. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your company continue doing inspirational work. Take care

  8. Christian Wig says:

    Thank you for nice comments, Brett!

    I am sure you can assist us in building the international network when we are ready to communicate our lessons learned from establishing Pixellus. Currently (and probably for the nest 6 months) our main focus on growing the business and streamlining day-to-day operations. Through this we will hopefully prove the business model, in particular that it is possible to run a profitable operation built upon utilizing the core strengths of people with ASD. Early phase experiences are promising!

    Please contact me if you know about any business or project that have some similarities with Pixellus, utilizing people with ASD in other areas than software testing.

    Have a great day and weekend.


  9. Iris Carden says:

    Both my kids are Aspies – I love the idea of an Asperger’s-friendly workplace.
    (Am putting a link to your page on my blog.)

  10. Christian Wig says:


    You’re very welcome to put up a link!


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