About me

I am a consultant and entrepreneur, and have long since given up the idea of ever getting a 9-to-5 line manager position.  I am far too motivated by the idea of creating something or changing something – preferably for the better, and with a fairly rapid pace. There have been some business start-ups and turnarounds, and far more business strategies, IT strategies, process and technology assessments than I can remember.

I have never dropped my interest in new technology, but always in close connection with business development.  My latest business idea is actually a good merge of job history, personal interests and family situation:

The “Film Specialists” (in Norwegian: “Filmspesialistene”) has been the project name of a yet not operational company that aims to create meaningful work for people with Asperger syndrome. We want to build a business where people with Asperger and high-functioning autism are allowed to do what  they are extremely good at. The business idea is to create a specialist company within digitization, editing and restoration of customers’ unique and irreplaceable collections of images. This is exactly the type of work that requires the kind of dedication, systematic approach and focus on details that people with such diagnosis possess.

In December, the company got a name and logo:

Why this initiative?

If you read the first blog post (written in Norwegian), you will see how the idea of Pixellus was incepted. My background as a quite serious hobby photographer is part of the story, and the fact that my youngest son is autistic with extreme movie knowledge is of course even more important. But it is also something very rewarding about spending time and knowledge shaping something that for once is based on a different motivation than purely commercial.

To a large extent this blog will capture key events and lessons learned in forming Pixellus. And there will be a number of posts about innovation: to think a bit differently in terms of customers, products or processes – or for that matter, how to connect these entities with people and skills in a new way – and suddenly experience a moment of truth.  At last – I cannot forget about technology.  In perfect harmony with business development, the use of new technology – or even new use of old technologies – can be quite interesting.

Christian Wig

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